What we built together this year.

In 2017 we designed, collaborated, built, closed out, and got the job done. Here’s just some of what we accomplished together.

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procore users

  • 150K+

    Projects Created

  • 100K+

    Projects Completed

Numbers you can take to the bank.

Every year we save our customers time and money, so they can focus on growing their businesses, not just managing their projects.

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Building it forward.

Giving back was a huge part of our year. Thanks for helping us build solid foundations for the future of our workforce and local communities.

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2.5 million strong.
And counting...

As we look back at the past year, we're beyond proud of how much our community has grown and all that we've accomplished together. We’d love to highlight everyone, but with over two and a half million users, that could take a while. So we had our team callout a few.

Here they are

  • Gordie Schmitz (and the whole crew)
    Greystone Construction

    "Gordie and the rest of Greystone are among my favorite clients (am I allowed to say that?), this team is proactive, friendly, and such a pleasure to work with."

    Summer Huggins

    Procore Customer Success Manager

  • Morgan Traynor
    Ryan Companies

    "Not only has Morgan been a great client, but Ryan Co. have become great friends! They have truly embraced the Procore partnership."

    Michelle Verdura

    Procore Implementation Manager, Enterprise

  • Andrew Huey
    T&W Corporation

    "Andrew is passionate about his job and about working with Procore. Part of Procore's Advisory Committee, he offers helpful feedback on all fronts."

    Leah Portnoy

    Procore Customer Success Manager, Mid-Market

  • Ann Marie Jennette

    "Ann Marie tells such a great story about the buyer's journey...incredibly experienced and smart. She is a dream work with on strategic content."

    Alicia Baumann

    Procore Sr. Webinar Producer


In 2017 we were able to accomplish remarkable things together. We can’t wait to see what you build in 2018.

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