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Detailed Observations

See anything? Track everything.

Never let an observation fall through the cracks.

Whether a non-conformance, safety violation, or good practice, with Procore you can track, assign, and report upon multiple types of construction observations on the fly before substantial completion.

  • Create observations as a standalone item from an inspection or drawing, whether in the office or out in the field
  • Attach supporting documentation such as photos, drawings, and links to specs
  • Assign a responsible party and due date
  • Keep your observations separate from your substantial completion items managed in the Punch List Tool
  • Identify related items such as RFIs, change orders, and punch list items associated with your observation
  • Manage your observations through completion, maintaining real time history of actions
  • Set up automatic overdue emails to keep responsible parties on track

Identify Your Field Observations - In the FieldIdentify Your Field Observations—in the Field

Field observations should be noted where you find them—in the field. Create an observation as you come across one or create one from a pre-planned inspection. All observations will be streamlined into one list, but can be filtered out by observation type.

Monitor Progress with Due DatesMonitor Progress with Due Dates

Procore construction project management software automatically monitors due dates and sends overdue email notices if desired. The overdue email notices help keep items from falling out of sight and clearly note when an item's due date has passed. The email notification feature is a checkbox item that can be enabled or disabled based on user preference.

Keep Your Punch List SeparateKeep Your Punch List Separate

The Observations Tool allows you to identify and track multiple types of issues that are not considered punch list items.

Attach Detailed Information for ReferenceAttach Detailed Information for Reference

Every observation within Procore can contain documents and digital photos. Procore also provides a text area for adding details about the observation. Users can cut and paste text from other applications directly into Procore and then add extensive formatting and perform spell check on the observation description field.

"Procore is exactly what we needed to standardize how we do things the HITT way."

Jim Landefeld
HITT Contracting

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