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Procore for Accounting

The best project management tool for your bottom line.

With Procore Connect, one platform can keep account of the budget and manage the project.

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One platform fits all.

Your needs are different from your project manager's, but everyone needs to stay connected so projects remain within budget and run smoothly. Procore's API extensibility allows integration with any ERP solution, bringing teams together in one place with unlimited collaboration capabilities. The Procore platform allows you to continue to work within your current accounting solution while also providing you the ability to connect with your field team and share vital information so they can make better decisions out in the field.

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Built to Grow with You
One platform fits all.

Stay in control.

With Procore's integration capabilities, you still remain in control of sensitive data that can't or shouldn't be shared outside the confines of the finance office. You have complete control to decide what data you want to share, when you want to share it and with whom you want to share it. On the flip side, teams can immediately share cost-related information with you, helping you understand real time changes that will affect the project budget.

Stay in control.

Keep your budget in balance.

With real time data updates, you can make the right decision for your project and for your bottom line. Crunching the real numbers, you'll be able to make quicker decisions, lessen project delays, and maintain more accurate accounting of your bottom line projections. Not to mention, you'll avoid duplicate data entry, steer clear of carryover accounting mistakes due to managing multiple application interfaces, and negate confusion related to change orders, purchase orders, payroll, or invoices.

Keep your budget in balance.

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